Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brandon Elston


  1. Hey Brandon,
    Looking good. Saw your picture in the new Comics Journal the other day! Hope all is well man.
    -jason (from D8N)

  2. Now I get to see the sketches or what hey lead to

  3. hey b-man, looks like you are doing pretty well, and i'm delighted for you. it would be really great to talk to you and find out all about your life these days, so if you felt so inclined to get in touch with me, that would be awesome. i really hope you do. 8 years is a long time. if you measure that in gallons (like gallons of water under the bridge) that's like a million bajillion gallons. mary. xo

    1. also, if anyone other than brandon might see this and know how to get in touch with him to pass along the message, should he be unlikely to see it (what an elusive guy, huh?), that would be super. cheers, interweb people.